W-Series Punch Holder Station A Round, Lubricated

W-Series Punch Holder Station A Round, Lubricated

Punch Holders Thick Turret


The new EMX line has 3 series: W, G and R. Choose the most suitable for your needs. They are all compatible with the most common tools on the market: metric standard (long punches), Air Blow (Amada system), W90 (Wilson), short lubricated.

EMX Line has been developed by Matrix thinking about high-perfomance, maximum grinding life for your tools, wide compatibility and an extremely ease-to-use experience for the operator.

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The new EMX line arose from our customers' need to have a range of top quality, high-performance punch holders. Matrix Tools developed 3 series of punch-holders: W,G and R Series.

W-Series fits the most common tool types on the market: short lubricated, Amada Air Blow, Wilson W90. Universal, simple and flexible, the W-Series is adjustable up to 12 mm.

G-Series is the top of Matrix range, same features of W-Series, but with the additional possibility of speedily changing the strippers in the largest stations (C,D,E) without using a wrench. 

R-Series meets the maximum cost-effectiveness need, perfect for heavy-duty machining. It's available in both lubricated and non-lubricated versions and compatible with both standard (long) and Amada Air Blow system.

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