Multitool Matrix

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  • MultiMatrix Punches

    High quality and long-lasting punches for Multitool Matrix. Serie 6/24 (6 punches,max. diagonal 24 mm), adjustable or not. Serie 10/18 (10 punches, max diagonal 18 mm), adjustable or not.  For MultiMatrix 4B, please choose your punches in Thick Turret section: station B, lubricated punch (short).

    52,50 €
  • MultiMatrix Dies

    Dies for Multitool Matrix: Serie 10/18 (max. diagonal 18 mm) or Serie 6/24 (max. diagonal 24 mm).  For special processing with Serie 24 are also available reinforced dies. For MultiMatrix 4B, please, select your die in Thick Turret section, station B. Don't you know the clearance you need? Let's use the utility tool here below!

    36,00 €

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