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  • Thick Turret Punches

    High quality punches fully compatible with all the most common punch holders in the market. Choose among: lubricated (short), standard (metric long), W90, W90 lubricated or AirBlow.  You can find here below a wide range of shape. For special requests, just add a note or upload a file: Matrix will contact you very soon.

    79,00 €
  • iEM Inserts

    IEM round and shaped inserts for stations B, C, D, E The smart option to the traditional integral punch: same performace, fully compatible, but more convenient. Compatible with all Matrix punch holders of the EMX line and with all common punch holders used in the market (AirBlow, long metric Standard, W90, short lubricated) thanks to the special...

    82,00 €
  • Punch Holders Thick Turret

    The new EMX line has 3 series: W, G and R. Choose the most suitable for your needs. They are all compatible with the most common tools on the market: metric standard (long punches), Air Blow (Amada system), W90 (Wilson), short lubricated.

    172,00 €
  • Adaptors for iEM inserts

    Adaptors that allow the use of universal iEM inserts with the most common punch holders, AirBlow, W90 and standard systems. iEM inserts and their adaptors fit  perfectly in stations B, C, D, E

    160,00 €
  • Guided Punch Holders Thick Turret

    R-Series Matrix Punch Holders is also available with closed guides, adjustable or with a fixed punch height. These EMX R-Series Punch Holders, closed guided, fit with metric long (standard) punches or AirBlow punches. 

    160,00 €
  • Thick Turret Dies

    High quality dies, compatible with the most common punching tools. Add directly the die clearance or let the configurator to calculate it. You can also add a note with further information or upload a file.

    24,00 €

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