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W-Series Punch Holder Station A Round, Lubricated
Thick Turret

Punch Holders Thick Turret

Holders Thick Turret
The new EMX line has 3 series: W, G and R. Choose the most suitable for your needs. They are all compatible with the most common tools on the market: metric standard (long punches), Air Blow (Amada system), W90 (Wilson), short lubricated. EMX Line has been developed by Matrix thinking about high-perfomance, maximum grinding life for your tools, wide...
iEM Adapter for Standard Punch Holders B Station (long punch)
Thick Turret

Adaptors for iEM inserts

Adaptors that allow the use of universal iEM inserts with the most common punch holders, AirBlow, W90 and standard systems. Stations B, C, D, E
iEM insert, B station, shaped

iEM Inserts

iEM Inserts Thick Turret
IEM round and shaped inserts, stations B, C, D, E Compatible with all Matrix punch holders of the EMX line and with all common punch holders used in the market (AirBlow, Standard, W90) thanks to the special adaptors provided by Matrix

Who we are

Matrix manufactures and produces metal sheet punching and forming tools, steadily collaborating with the customer.

We have been finding customized solutions for more than 35 years, in order to solve the most demanding challenges together with the customer.

This is our mission.

To enhance the performances.

To guarantee quick and innovative answers.

To go beyond any expectation.

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